You can’t create a sophisticated look without a hairstyle, thus, the trendy hair color of the 2021 season will bring something creative to your look and will spice up the whole glam! Not everyone is ready for dramatic changes in terms of hair color.
Fortunately, the new year offers its fashionistas not to change anything super drastically. The only thing that can be done is slightly changing the hair shade, which will differ by 2-3 shades from your basic hair color.
You can also use one of the trendy dyeing techniques. As for the basic colors, these are practically all shades of natural colors that we know. By the way, forget about bright cheesy colors.
Blondes of the planet can make a toast to the hairstylists! In 2021–2022, everything is created just for them. The main thing is not to overdo your hair and take into account your skin and eye color. The times of perhydrol blondes have passed 30 years ago, thus, be careful with yellow and gray tones.
Trendy hair colors for BLONDES.
- Platinum
- Ash
- Strawberry
Yes, of course blondes rule. However, brunettes will also be super trendy! For them, the stylists have a chic surprise in store.

Trendy hair colors for BRUNETTES

- Glace (coffee)
- Mocha
- Chocolate cherry
Oh, those fierce redheads! They consider themselves to be hostages of the same hair color, but how deeply mistaken this opinion is. A special gift has been prepared for them by hairstylists in 2021.

Trendy hair colors for REDHEADS

- Dark copper
- Ginger
- Rich bronze
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