Of course, we can’t but agree that autumn is a very romantic time of year, but your hair starts feeling not ok as soon as it gets cold and you have to wear hats and warm synthetic clothes. How can you avoid hair damages and protect your hair in autumn? Read this article to find it out!
The first step: washing your hair in the right way
Try not to wash your hair every day. With each wash, the hair loses its protective lipids and sebum, which is extremely important in autumn. Make it a rule to wash the hair 2-3 times a week. Don’t wash your hair with hot water; warm or even cool water will damage your hair less. In the end, wash your hair with cool water, this will give it a nice shine.
The second step: drying your hair
Let your hair dry naturally as often as possible. Before drying your hair with a hairdryer, apply a thermal protective product to it. Dry your hair with a hairdryer in the direction in which your hair grows, which means from the hair roots to the hair ends, but not vice versa. This way you reduce the negative thermal impact on the hair cuticles, and the hair becomes smooth.
The third step: styling
Oil is the best cure for dry and dull hair. Even a few drops of this product will make the hair shiny and manageable, which is very acute in autumn when we suffer from nasty static electricity. Pay attention to the composition of the styling products: alcohol-containing styling products are prohibited for dry hair, as they dry it out even more!

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