Hair botox will not lose its popularity in 2020. At the moment, this is one of the few procedures which safely revives even the most damaged hair.


The super famous botulinum toxin contained in beauty injections for skin rejuvenation is almost never included in reconstructive hair treatments. It is successfully replaced by the innovative Intra-Silan complex, which has similar properties. It deeply penetrates into the hair structure, smoothing and straightening the hair from the inside.


These are the additional components that are often used in hair botox:


  • hyaluronic acid - moisturizes the hair, “locking” the moisture inside each thin hair;
  • amino acids - repair damages of the hair shaft;
  • natural oils - nourish hair;
  • elastin - gives hair elasticity and smoothness;
  • collagen - provides the density of the connecting hair elements;
  • vitamin complex - restores radiance and health of the hair;
  • cysteine - works as a natural preservative and replaces aggressive formaldehyde.


Try out our innovative Nutree Bottox Expert. This restoring procedure has several advantages:


  • Restores damaged hair;
  • Moisturizes and nourishes hair;
  • Makes hair smooth, obedient, strong and healthy for up to 2 months;
  • It’s a simple procedure with minimal expense.


The main components of Nutree Bottox Expert are natural ingredients:


  • Marine collagen;
  • Glutamic acid;
  • Almond oil.


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