Hair botox is one of the most popular hair treatments. Blondes often choose this procedure, and it’s no accident. We will reveal all the botox secrets for blondes in this article.


Hair botox is a product that restores and regenerates weakened and damaged hair. It moisturizes, heals, nourishes and protects hair, that is why the procedure is recommended for blondes, as blonde hair is the most damaged and vulnerable one. Botox deeply penetrates into the hair structure, which contributes to greater efficiency than keratin straightening.


Weakened post-dyeing hair, split ends, brittleness - you can use hair botox if you have all these issues.


Why do blondes choose hair botox? It's all about the color of the main component - it’s a blue-violet. The pigment is added to the composition in order to make the hair color nice and even. It helps to eliminate the yellow shade that appears after washing the hair several times after the dyeing. Hair botox can easily fix this issue. We recommend trying Nutree Bottox Expert for the best results. Among the ingredients of this product are Marine Collagen, Glutamic Acid, and Almond Oil aimed on reviving brittle and damaged hair. Bottox Expert deeply hydrates and restores the hair, smoothes it and gives it a unique shine.


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