Keratin hair treatment… If it’s not the most popular hair treatment in the world, we don’t know what is then. However, many ladies still want to find out the main advantages and disadvantages of this treatment before trying it. We understand their wishes, so this article will give you answers to all of your questions regarding pros and cons of keratin hair treatment. 


Advantages of Keratin Hair Treatment

 - time-saving. Keratin hair treatment saves your time as you won’t have to spend 15-30 minutes on straightening your hair. The same refers to hair obedience - you don’t waste precious minutes on taming the morning mess on your head. 

 - frizz-free treatment. No more unwanted frizz! If done correctly, keratin hair treatment will give you absolutely straight hair (even if it’s humid). Of course, if you properly care for your locks after the procedure, which presupposes using sulfate-free shampoo and nourishing masks.

 - protection from sun and harsh environment. Hot wind, blazing sun, pouring rain, frost — all these factors negatively affect hair. Keratin carefully covers each thin hair with film which provides protection from sun and adverse environmental factors. 

 - hair rebound. Keratin treatment is known as magic wand even for the super damaged hair. This treatment provides reviving effect, carefully filling in all gaps in hair structure. As a result, you receive strong, smooth, and shiny hair for long! 

 - long-lasting effect. Speaking of “for long”: if keratin hair treatment was performed correctly, it may last 4-6 months. Of course, sulphate-free shampoo as well as other post-treatment haircare products can significantly prolong the result! 

 - safer then heat styling. Everyday heat styling damages hair cuticle and cortex, promoting moisture loss. It’s much harder to revive hair than to ruin it by using heat devices. Keratin hair treatment solves all hair problems that you preferred solving with flat iron! 

Disadvantages of Keratin Hair Treatment

 - formaldehyde dangers. Formaldehyde is a colorless flammable gas with a strong unpleasant smell. The point is that formaldehyde can be extremely poisonous and allergenic! Unfortunately, some producers still use this complement  in their treatments. 

 - need to wait a few days for natural look. Indeed, you’ll have to avoid moisture as well as give up all hairstyling products and devices for 3 days in order for keratin to settle in your hair. Besides, you can’t do ANY hairstyles during this period. This may be a problem if you want to fleek your new hair right after the treatment. 

 - less hair volume. Due to the fact that your hair becomes incredibly smooth, it may somehow lose its volume. It may be inconvenient for those who naturally have a mane of voluminous hair. 

 - greasy and limp hair. Many ladies notice that their hair becomes oily much faster after keratin hair treatment. Specialists claim that the main cause of greasiness after the procedure is a poor–quality product with a large amount of silicone. This component makes your hair limp fast. 

 - keratin treatments are expensive. Well, it’s really so in case if the treatment is performed in a luxurious hair salon. However, the high price isn’t always a sign of a great quality of keratin itself, as salons may cheat and use low-quality products instead of famous Brazilian keratin. 

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