What do we know about botox hair treatment? Well, it revives your hair making it obedient and lively, however, preserving its natural structure. Is that all that you can tell about this treatment? If yes, then check out this article, as botox hair treatment is MUCH more incredible than you can imagine!


How botox hair treatment works?

Botox for hair is a procedure aimed at improving the structure of the hair shaft, reducing brittleness, as well as making your locks pretty smooth and obedient. Hair botox provides restorative effect for your hair with the help of a special cocktail of active ingredients that penetrates deep into each thin hair. The composition of this hair treatment usually includes the following ingredients: elastin, vitamins A, B, E and C, green tea leaf extract, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, amino acids and various oils - from coconut to jojoba.

All these components strengthen the hair, ensure its flexibility and elasticity, activate the processes of metabolism and hair growth, make the strands more lively, voluminous and shiny. The whole point of the procedure is to restore the structure of the hair from the inside. Active ingredients penetrate and restore the molecular structure of the hair, filling the damages and voids.

There are two types of botox hair treatment: cold and hot.

The cold one aims to restore hair health.  The method is based on applying the composition to the strands, followed by fixing the result with another product from the kit. At the same time, botox literally builds in useful substances into each thin hair, so you’re not afraid of the influence of external environmental factors for a long time.

Hot botox is aimed at providing high-quality smoothing and straightening of hair. The method is based on the technique of cold botox, but with the subsequent treatment of the strands with the help of a flat iron (only hair length, the root zone remains untouched).


Who can use botox for hair?

We recommend trying hair botox for girls with brittle, dry, split hair that needs restoration. Besides, the procedure is perfect for dull and unruly hair that cannot be styled.

Using hair botox will allow you to get a blond color without nasty yellowish shade. In addition, the procedure is often recommended as a remedy for stunted hair growth and hair loss, since all botox treatments contain a large amount of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.  Botox is also a MUST for those who often dye or lighten their hair.

After the procedure, the locks not only become healthier from the inside, but also much more beautiful on the outside - they become shiny, smooth. All visible damages disappear after the first treatment.


Is hair botox safe to use?

In most cases, hair botox doesn’t damage the scalp and doesn’t harm your health in any way after the application, however, it should be remembered that the body of each person is very individual, and the reaction to a particular component can be unpredictable.

In some cases you can have an allergic reaction or skin irritation. In case of an allergy, the process of using the product becomes dangerous because allergic manifestations can appear not only on the scalp, but also on the face and neck.

Sometimes side effects of hair botox can also manifest themselves in the form of dandruff or scalp itching. To be sure that the use of the product doesn’t harm you, it’s necessary to test the body's sensitivity to it before using.

Besides, experts recommend not to overuse the smoothing procedure and reuse it no earlier than 3 months after the previous treatment. More frequent use of the composition can dry out the hair.


Hair botox vs Keratin treatment

Botox is primarily aimed at hair restoration, the visible effect lasts from 1 to 3 months. This treatment doesn’t straighten hair, but only heals it, making it less fluffy and porous. Hair botox also neutralizes brassiness and yellowness, which is important for blondes.

The main function of keratin is hair straightening, the visible effect is up to 5 months. Keratin straightening shouldn’t be performed by pregnant or lactating women. Due to smoothing, the volume of hair is significantly reduced. The keratin composition doesn’t contain as many useful components as botox, since it has a different function.



  - effect lasts up to 2-3 months

  - improves the appearance of hair

  - revitalizes hair

  - has a cumulative effect

  - hair becomes denser and more voluminous



  - effect lasts up to 4-6 months

  - gives a glossy shine

  - smoothes hair

  - provides anti-frizz effect

  - has a cumulative effect

  - hair becomes less voluminous


However, the two procedures also have something in common:

 - they are suitable for any hair type

 - it’s necessary to use a special shampoo and mask

 - hair becomes smooth and shiny



Hair botox treatment will be a perfect choice if you want to revive your hair, make it more lively and manageable. This treatment won’t make your locks super straight or sleek, however, it will improve your general hair state. 

Remember that consistency is the key, so repeat the procedure each 2-3 months according to your hair type. 

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