African American Hair and Keratin

African American hair requires keratin to strengthen it, make it shiny and easier to comb. Additionally, it is used in case of hair damages.

Importance of Keratin for African American Hair

African American women were looking for a means that could straighten their hair for a long time because usually, they had curly hair. After many women understood the harm of relaxers use, they began to look for some alternatives. Treating the hair with flat irons and combs is not a good alternative because it requires a lot of time and its effect is short-term. The heat can also damage your hair. Especially – if you conduct these procedures too often.

Brazilian keratin treatment for African American hair also suitable for any curly or fuzzy hair as well. The treatment is considered one of the most effective means to provide people who have kinky or curly hair with straight and shiny tresses.


In spite of the fact that the procedure involves flat ironing, keratin treatment requires more time than a typical flat ironing procedure. It is suitable for colored or relaxed hair. You can treat your hair with a relaxer and conduct a keratin treatment procedure after that. But for many African American women, the keratin treatment  for african american hair is more preferable than relaxer use.

The effect of keratin treatment can last up to three or four months.


  • Renee Little said:

    Yes I’ve been using a keratin treatment for about 10 years and I love it

    February 23, 2021

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