There are some women who think that keratin treatment can harm their eyes because of the chemicals used during this procedure to make the hair straight and lush.

Amazonliss Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatments don’t harm the eyes, so you can have no concerns about them.

Keratin – Precautionary Measures

The earliest keratin treatments contained such harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, methylene glycol, and formalin. Probably, that is the reason for all concerns about the harm of keratin straightening procedures. These chemicals can turn into gas when they are heated.

The gases can cause some troubles with your eyes; however, they are not used in keratin treatments anymore. But a short-term impact of these gases does not cause long-term eye damages, so there is nothing to worry about even in case of their use.

Keratin treatments by Nutree Professional don’t produce these gases, hence, they don’t make your eyes burn. After the procedure, you get straight long hair without any risk or harm.

Keratin improves your image and the way you feel

Keratin treatments were created to improve your look and self-concept. Your hair always looks better after Amazonliss Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatments. You also boost your self-confidence and attractiveness after that.

During the procedure, the stylist adds more keratin to your hair by treating it with heat sources, such as blow dryers or flat hair irons to make your hair more vibrant and stronger, creating you an impressive image.

Modern keratin treatments allow you not to worry about harmful gasses or any other damages like eye burns, etc. So just enjoy your new image provided by a straight, shiny, and attractive hair.

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