The season of spring / summer 2017 is going to witness a struggle between two different hairstyles. Orderly, tight style will challenge the lively spirit of various textures and colors. If you prefer the first option - go ahead for a sleek, straight hair that’s excellent to get that perfect office look. But if you can’t stand doing your hair for hours, don’t - messy buns will be equally trendy. Either way, you’ll surely find the way to keep up with the trends without too much hassle.

If you’re thinking of attending your colorist to upgrade your look for the coming summer but not sure about the color yet, here’s a recap of the latest trends you might want to catch up with. Let us know what you think in the comment session below!


So far, ashy is the season’s favorite blonde. Recent fashion weeks have seen plenty of ashy shades combined with brown and mousy and emphasizing the lighter versions of blonde nicely. It’s delicate, quiet and has that cool shade that looks just awesome.

Deep brown

All favorite for brunettes is, undoubtedly, deep brown. The exquisite, lavish shade of chocolate looks beautiful and charming. One may argue that deep brown isn’t a perfect match for summer but just look at that color - it speaks for itself.

Fierce Red

So we’ve already seen ashy and deep brown and here goes the next beautifully natural shade of ginger red. This year’s fashion shows were sparkling with unbelievable redheads who proved once again that fierce red is amongst our favorites for the upcoming summer season.


Want to go less traditional? We’ve seen plenty of nice pastel shades of pink, blue and yellow at the shows. These colors can literally save you, even if the styling isn’t perfect. Pink locks seen on one of the Australian models have made quite a stir and have certainly got plenty of approving nods.

Balayage Highlights

A warm, ombre balayage is a winning hit. (Balayage is a hair coloring technique which suggests that only the locks are dyed while the roots keep their natural shade). Now, what’s a better summer idea than a hairstyle that looks like the sun gently lightened the locks creating a fantastic palette?

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