Figuring out the best texture to suit your hair best of all requires time and experience. It’s best to get in touch with a professional to discuss your hair’s strengths and weaknesses and come up with the right solution. Make sure to agree on the cost in advance as prices differ depending on each customer’s needs.

Japanese Hair Straightening

Typically, the procedure takes about 3-6 hours. The effect manifests itself in sleek, straight hair.

Brazilian Blowout

The treatment involves using a protein-rich Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex. This effectively eliminates frizzy hair and enriches cuticles with protein which serves as an additional protection for the hair and guards its health.

The procedure usually takes 90 minutes and is highly effective - your hair becomes silky, perfectly straight and shiny.

Permanent Hair Wave

A perm, or a permanent hair wave, is a chemical procedure used to affect the hair strands. Once the hair is washed, the strands are attached to perm rods. To secure the effect, a waving lotion is used as well. What results is a different hair structure. The hair becomes softer as protein links are fractured and so it’s easy to create the desired shape, for example, hair waves.

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