British weather often leads to hair frizz. Brazilian blow dry is just what you need to avoid this problem. This keratin hair straightening treatment is a perfect way to nourish and smooth your hair and avoiding new blow-dry sessions up to 4 months. If that is what you are looking for – don’t hesitate to try it.

Brazilian blow dry was invented in the country that gave the world Caipirinhas and carnivals. Do you want to know what it is? The answer is simple – it is a method that will help you get rid of your frizzy nightmares. Every day is perfect for your hair after this keratin treatment procedure. Brazilian blow dry is popular among beauty experts and celebrities. It is a procedure that allows you to improve the condition of your hair for a period up to 4 months. The treatment will save you a lot of time and make hair styling much simpler. This keratin treatment is aimed at nourishing your hair and creating a particular hairstyle.

What do you have to expect?

First of all, the stylist will wash your hair and make it dry. After that, the keratin (a natural element of hair, skin and nails) is applied to your hair for the time that depends on its individual characteristics. Then the hair is blown dry and the procedure finishes.

Sometimes the use of a hot iron is needed to make sure that your hair got the maximum of keratin and make it nice and soft. The treatment produces a natural protective protein layer on the surface of your hair that restores the bonds inside of it and nourishes your hair cuticles.

Each keratin treatment session makes your hair free of defects and provides you with a perfect hair look for up to 4 months. You can straighten your hair or preserve your favorite curls after the procedure. Anyway, you will get rid of hair frizz. You can choose any hairstyle.

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