Many women don’t know what Brazilian keratin treatment actually is. A kind of hairstyle? Do you need to cut the hair to make it? What will be the changes in your look after it?

Amazonliss Brazilian keratin treatments are hair straightening techniques that provide more volume to your hair. These procedures add more keratin to your hair. This protein is an important part of your nails, skin and hair. After keratin treatment, the hair is straightened with a hair iron.

As a result – you will get straight and shiny hair that attracts the attention of people around you.

Create a unique look with Brazilian keratin treatment

Should you make a haircut and conduct Brazilian keratin treatment procedure at the same time? Or you should get a keratin treatment, and wait for several weeks to get a haircut?

The answer depends on you. However, most hair stylists prefer to conduct all haircutting, keratin treatment, and styling actions during one visit to the salon. In such case, you get a complete look after the styling session.

It is a good practice to get all hair styling procedures together with Brazilian keratin treatment because they all strengthen the effect of each other.

Coloring your hair and Brazilian keratin treatment

Can you color your hair at the same time when you get Brazilian keratin treatment?

It is possible, but this combination exposes your hair to too much stress. You have to get a professional’s consultation before doing that. The specialist will tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of coloring your hair at the same time when you get Brazilian keratin treatment.

The shape of your hair is the factor that impacts the decision. If it is strong and has enough volume, you can try to combine both procedures.

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