To ensure the long effect of Brazilian keratin hair treatment, you need to provide special care to your hair after this procedure. Such care can extend the effect of keratin treatment up to 12 weeks in spite of the fact that keratin is usually washed away gradually after the procedure.

Hair Coloring and Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian keratin treatment allows you to color your hair directly before the procedure. You don’t have to worry about damages, or the brightness of its color. The procedure also preserves the effect of hair straightening. But if you have already done Brazilian keratin treatment, you have to wait three weeks before the next coloring.

Precautions for the period after the treatment

The effect of Brazilian keratin treatment washes out gradually, so you should not wash your hair too often after the procedure. Salt water, chlorine, and UV are also harmful for the procedure’s effect. Hence, you have to keep your hair away from these factors.

Cover your hair if you go swimming. The effect of Brazilian keratin treatment is washed out by salt water and chlorine that is used in swimming pools. If you have no swim cap, you have to take a shower before swimming, and comb your hair using a hair conditioner. The conditioner provides your hair additional protection and the water avoids chemical absorption.

Shampoos for after-keratin care

The shampoos and conditioners you use in a few months after the treatment should not contain sulfates and sodium. The best solution is to buy a special keratin aftercare shampoo. With such shampoos, the results of the treatment last longer.

Deep conditioning

You have to use a deep conditioning mask without sulfates at least one time a month. Deep conditioning nurtures the hair and extends the effect of keratin treatment. The effects of humidity, provided by the deep conditioning mask, keep your hair smooth, less fizzy, and make its styling simpler.

Night care

Silk pillowcase is good for your hair after keratin treatment. Cotton pillowcases produce friction that ruins hair follicles and maces the hair fizzy. If you use a cotton pillowcase, the effect of the procedure is short-term. You can avoid fizzy hair by using a silky pillowcase. The irritation created by silk is not too strong. It means that it can extend the effect of keratin treatment.

Reapplication of Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The effect of Brazilian keratin treatment usually lasts about three months. Then the hair returns to its previous state. However, keratin makes it softer and healthier. After the effect of Brazilian keratin treatment ends, you can repeat the procedure. The quality and view of your hair become better after every next procedure. There is no difference between the first and all subsequent keratin treatment processes. They are always conducted in the same way.

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