The popularity of Brazilian keratin hair straightening in North America grows very fast. That is because of the fact that this procedure makes the hair straight, lash, and attractive. However, there are still people who are wondering about the safety of this treatment. It is a new procedure, so such concerns are quite natural.

There is no risk in Brazilian keratin hair straightening.

What is keratin used during the treatment?

Keratin is a natural element of our hair. Our skin and nails also contain this protein. Keratin cells are produced by our organisms constantly.

Keratin hair straightening treatment is a procedure that adds more keratin to your hair to make it more vibrant and full.

The stylist applies keratin to the customer’s hair and makes it penetrate into it by using a flat hair iron. The process lasts about 90 minutes and makes the hair flatter. Your hair will look longer after the straightening procedure.

The benefits of keratin hair treatment

Your hair will look perfect after the procedure and this is the greatest benefit. Keratin hair treatment makes the hair look naturally full.

After the procedure you will need 40% or even 60% less time to blow-dry your hair. The hair will remain straight even at maximal humidity.

The effect of keratin straightening lasts about two months or even more. It means that you don’t have to worry about other procedures except washing it with a sulfate and sodium free shampoo during this term.

The restorative effect of keratin treatment is proved. However, it will make your hair look better even if it is healthy.

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