If you want to find the best way of hair straightening, you probably know the terms Brazilian keratin treatment and Japanese keratin treatment. These two types of hair straightening are extremely popular among people who want to achieve a semi-permanent result. There are a lot of common features among them. Both of them are performed in beauty salons.

In spite of the fact that these two treatments are similar, their results are very different. The women who tried both treatments report that each of them has its unique benefits.

Japanese hair treatment method

Japanese hair straightening method requires a straightener with chemicals.

This procedure is able to straighten even the curliest or frizzy hair. You need only one or two procedures to achieve this result.

The procedure of Japanese hair straightening is somewhat similar to chemical relaxer application. The chemical compound has to leave on your hair for a while. After that it is washed away, the hair is blow dried and subdivided into a large number of sections with a hair iron.

Then the hair is treated with a neutralizer to preserve the molecular bonds and keep it straight. This treatment is considered harmful to the hair because it ruins its natural molecular bonds.

It can make your hair weak or lead to various damages.

However, there are a lot of people who prefer using this hair straightening method and consider it very effective.

Customers of beauty salons who want to conduct Japanese hair straightening procedure have to take special care over their hair avoiding it's overheating before and after the treatment.

The effect of such hair straightening lasts for months. However, harmful chemicals like formaldehyde are used during it to break up the molecular bonds inside your hair. These bonds are extremely important because the general condition of your hair depends on them.

Brazilian keratin treatment method

The reviews made by people with wavy and curly hair report that they consider Brazilian keratin treatment the preferable hair straightening method.

It makes the hair look better and simplifies styling. The Brazilian blowout is a method that was invented especially for people who had chemical treatments (like relaxers) on their hair. Usually, its effect lasts from 10 to 12 weeks.

Brazilian blowout uses keratin that is a natural hair element. That is the reason for its effectiveness.

The clients of beauty salons who want to have a Brazilian blowout are recommended to apply a relaxer to their hair before the procedure because the method does not work on extremely curly hair.

The procedure includes keratin application, flat iron straightening, and blow drying that is required for preserving the result and keeping the hair straight. The treatment is safe for people with relaxed or colored hair because it does not include any harmful chemicals.

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