Keratin treatment is extremely popular today. That is why you are losing a significant part of revenue if you don’t perform it in your salon. Let’s discover the process step by step and see that it is extremely simple to start offering this procedure to your clients.

1. Choose the right product

Keratin treatment products of various brands have some distinguishes. That is why you should choose only the best of them.

2. Wash the hair before the procedure

Drape the customer’s hair and wash it with a shampoo after you discuss all issues of the treatment with her.

Wash the client’s head three times with the shampoo recommended by the keratin treatment product manufacturer. Please, focus on the customer’s hair and not on her scalp.

Don’t use a conditioner.

3. Conduct the treatment

There are some certain treatments that require dry hair. In such cases, you have to towel the head of your customer. Other treatments can be applied even to damp hair.

Divide the hair into four sections. After that, apply the product to the hair. Start doing it from the top.

The product called Amazonliss requires a brush and a bowl to be applied to the hair. Salerm Keratin Shot is usually applied using a spray bottle.

Comb the hair with a fine tooth comb after the product is applied to it. The product should not remain on the comb. If it does – squeeze the hair until the comb runs through it simply.

Less product applied to the hair brings more effect because in such case it is not washed out.

4. Time expenses

The time required to conduct the procedure depends on the product manufacturer and usually varies from 10 to 20 minutes.

Sometimes heat treatment is required to conduct the procedure. However, there are also cases where you can use a cap to retain the natural heat.

Don’t wash the product out after it is applied.

5. Blow-drying

Blow the hair dry after the processing time comes to its end. The blow-drying process can last longer than usual, but you have to complete it.

6. Use a flat iron

Subdivide the hair into four sections with a ceramic iron that has a temperature at least 450 degrees. Flat iron all of the 1/8 inch subsections until there will be no signs of vapor emitted by the product Usually you need to flat iron the hair from roots to ends about 7 or 8 times to achieve this result.

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