While bleach can be the best way to achieve the desired hair color, it can also produce negative effects. Hair, exposed to the impact of bleach, tend to get weaker. To restore its natural health, you are going to need special hair care products and the knowledge of how to apply them.

The idea behind bleaching the hair is to interfere with melanin which is the natural element found in the human hair. The bleach is thought to lighten the hair in the course of a chemical process referred to as oxidation. It is precisely this process that enables bleach or permanent hair dye to produce the necessary results.

Oxidation might work well to lighten the hair, but it’s quite harmful because it damages the natural keratin found in your hair.

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As a result, the hair becomes less elastic and shiny. Even its look and feel can change profoundly. It might also become dry, frizzy and hard to style, not to mention the split ends. If you found yourself in this situation, the first thing to do is to restore your hair’s health.

To start, you need to enrich your hair with more keratin to protect the cortex. Hair conditioners will not solve this problem because they only work to moisture the hair and prevent it from getting overly dry. The only product that will work in this situation is a Keratin-rich solution.

Keratin treatment not only serves as a substitute for the damaged hair, but it can also be used to straighten the hair effectively.

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