Keratin Treatment for Short Hair

A common stereotype about Brazilian hair straightening is it only works for long hair. This is not true: ladies with short hair can undergo this procedure to get beautifully straight hair they have always been dreaming of.

Keratin is a natural protein in human hair. The idea behind keratin hair treatment is to enrich your hair with more keratin and use high temperatures to make sure it applies to the hair follicles. High temperatures make the hair straight and silky giving it more strength and volume.

Excellent for frizzy and wavy hair

We already know that keratin can be used for short hair. Likewise, it can be applied to frizzy and wavy hair. Keratin makes even the curliest hair straight, smooth and easily manageable.

Also, keratin rehydrates the hair leaving it looking stronger and more vibrant.

Scientifically tested

Keratin hair straightening is especially effective because it breaks the disulfide bonds and makes the hair perfectly straight. Typically, three stages ensue relaxing, neutralizing and conditioning.

During the first stage, alkalis alter the protein structure of the hair. pH balance is restored during the second stage. The chemical solution is removed once the necessary effect is reached.

The last thing to do is to protect the hair by applying hair conditioner.

Keratin hair treatment

Depending on each particular case, keratin treatment can be reinforced with blow dry and straightening with a flat iron. While the chemical solution changes the protein structure of the hair and strengthens the follicles, high temperatures ensure that the hair gets perfectly straight.

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