A common stereotype about Brazilian hair straightening is it only works for long hair. This is not true: ladies with short hair can perform this procedure to get beautifully straight hair they have always been dreaming of. Keratin treatment on short hair can become a real salvation to many problem that short-hair led beauties face. Which ones? Find it out in this article

 1. What Is Keratin

First if all, what is keratin? Keratin is a natural protein in human hair. The idea behind keratin hair treatment is to fill the exiting voids in your hair with keratin and use high temperature of the flat iron to make sure it’s sealed inside your hair. High temperatures make the hair straight and silky giving it more strength and volume

Keratin hair straightening is especially effective because it breaks the existing disulfide bonds which make your hair curly and makes the hair perfectly straight. Usually, there are three stages of keratin treatment which are relaxing, neutralizing and conditioning. During the first stage, alkalis change the structure of the hair. pH balance is restored during the second stage. The chemical solution is washed off once the necessary effect is reached. The last thing to do is to soften the hair by applying hair conditioner.

Keratin makes even the curliest hair straight, smooth and obedient. What’s more, keratin rehydrates the hair leaving it stronger and more vibrant.


 2. Why Short Hair Needs Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment on short hair can become a real magic wand! We know that it’s especially hard for ladies with short haircuts to make their locks look neat if they have naughty hair. The main difference between long and short hair is that you can’t just make a bun or a ponytail in case of bad hair day if you have short hair. Styling is a must, and we know that this everyday routine can become tiresome and even dangerous for hair due to the frequent use of heat devices. That’s why keratin treatment on short natural hair is a must

Besides, there are lots of short-haired women who prefer dying their locks in vivid chocolate shades. Bright colors always look better on textured short hair. Keratin treatment on short black hair can make such shade look even more deep and shiny because the keratin film around each thin hair protects the dark color from washing off. 

What’s more, all short haircuts, be it a shaggy or a bob, need texture. When it comes to feminine options, keratin will make them look super sleek and shiny. As for the short haircuts such as super popular mallet, keratin will help you to make them much more voluminous without weighing your locks down.


 3. Peculiarities of Keratin Treatment for Short Hair

Keratin treatment on short hair will look just amazing, trust us! The main feature of working with short strands is a small amount of surface to be treated, which reduces the time of the procedure.  Because of this, you can do the procedure yourself at home. What’s more, home keratin hair treatment will be especially beneficial for short-haired beauties, as one home kit will be enough for them to perform up to 25 treatments

However, there is one important point which is consistency. We have always told you that keratin treatment should be timely repeated. This is especially relevant when it comes to short hair. In this case, outgrown roots will look messy and unkempt as your hair is short. There’s nothing difficult in performing keratin hair treatment yourself at home, especially when it comes to short hair. It’s believed to be less vulnerable than long hair, however, it’s not so. Any hair needs protection and nourishment. Transform your short locks with keratin hair straightening! 



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