What is the difference between keratin treatments and hair relaxers?

Keratin is protein applied to your hair after it is washed with a shampoo. It penetrates into a strand of the hair and then the excess of it is rinsed out, while the hair cuticle is sealed with the help of hot temperature. The keratin inside the hair disappears within 3-5 months and the hair gets back to its natural look. Relaxers affect bonds inside the structure of your hair permanently and you can only wait until your hair grows to get its natural look again.

What are the benefits of keratin treatment for curly hair?

Curly hair is inclined to the dryness that leads to frizz. Keratin provides care for your hair and makes it more manageable.

Can keratin be used on chemically-treated hair?

If a relaxer doesn’t contain any acids, your hair can be treated with keratin. There are no restrictions for colored hair, except that you need to dye it 2 weeks before or after treatment or along with getting a hair treatment – this ensures better results.

What is the main myth about keratin treatment?

The major myth is that it can damage your hair, while the truth is that keratin treatment takes care of it, given that it is performed professionally. It nourishes and seals the cuticle, providing shiny and healthy look.

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