Luckily, we live in the high-tech age, so even our beauty products and treatments are advanced! We‘re glad to introduce you Amazonliss Tanino Anti Frizz Active – one of the newest keratin hair treatments presented by Nutree. What are the peculiarities of this product? Keep on reading and find it out! 

Amazonliss Tanino is a formaldehyde-free hair smoothing and straightening treatment for natural hair! No more dead hair ends or heat-damaged hair! In the XXI century, Nutree doesn’t need to use any strong chemical substances to make its products work wonders.

The key ingredients of this product are tannins, which originated from Tamarindus. Tamarindus is a leguminous tree, indigenous to tropical Africa. Tannins are beneficial in many ways; they treat, moisturize, and protect hair.

How do tannins work? During the procedure, they envelop the hair and create a protective layer that makes your hair strong, shiny, and deeply moisturized. Besides, the composition includes 24 amino acids. Together these ingredients make up smoothing and straightening taninoplasty. It treats all types of hair with maximum care. Such an amazing result lasts up to 2 months. Don’t forget to use special SLS-free shampoo!

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