We live in a world where women love experiments with their hair: trendy dyeings, harmful treatments such as perming, styling devices... As a result, ladies often suffer from dry and damaged natural hair that is weak, brittle, and dull. What are the hair tips that can help you to make your hair silky? Keep on reading this article!

During the hair restoration period, it’s important to pay maximum attention to the hydration and nutrition of hair. Choose the right products, like hair balms and masks for intensive recovery, and apply them every day. Although most hair masks have a particular exposure time of fewer than five minutes, it’s better to leave the product for a few hours or even for a whole night. Of course, after each hair washes, you should use a conditioner to smooth out the hair cuticles after cleansing.

Avoid using a hairdryer or hair styler. Leave styling until better times: dry the strands naturally to allow them to recover faster.

Don’t apply hair styling products. Mousses, gels, and hairsprays slightly dry the hair. Experts recommend leaving styling products until better times, replacing them with restorative sprays and nourishing oils.

Try keratin complex treatment or botox hair treatment. We recommend Amazonliss keratin hair treatment and Bottox Expert botox treatment. 

So, here it is! If you feel that you can’t save your hair at home, consult a professional!

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