If you want to have keratin treatment of your hair done at home, get some of the things prepared.

Buy your favorite Amazonliss kit for keratin treatment at home (you’ll need it approximately 1-3 ounces, based on the length and the fullness of your hair), including shampoo, towel, comb, gloves, flat iron and hair dryer as well.

Are you ready to start?

1. Wash your hair

Your hair should be the cleanest to the extent it is possible before the procedure starts.

The majority of the stylists recommend washing hair at the very least twice for straight hair and three times or more often for curly hair.

Wash away your hair quite carefully and do not apply conditioner.

2. Start using keratin supplement

First use your towel and dry hair intensively. Nevertheless, try to your hair to be a little bit wet but not sopping. Before use shake keratin supplement once and again.

Start with the tips and keep doing towards your scalp. Put keratin gently to work it on your hair. Do not let keratin supplement to contact your scalp.

3. Discover the magic work of keratin supplement

Comb your hair carefully from top to bottom. Let your hair to interact with keratin for about 30 mins. Then apply a blow dry or just a round brush, when your hair will be totally dry.

4. Fix keratin

This could be done with your flat iron. Switch on the heat and start separating your hair into some small sections.

Use the flat iron over each section to properly seal the keratin supplement into your hair. This is the most essential and the hardest part. Ensure that each of your hair section is enough small to be evenly heated.

5. Choose the right post-keratin care

We recommend Amazonliss Home Care Line.

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