Run your business according to the best holiday season. Stay focused on the experience of your clientele and transform your salon, using these following expert tips.

Think of big pics

Storytelling is an effective method to maintain some connection with your clientele.

Chair massage in each vital field via holiday-themed displays and strategic placement of POP banners.

Holiday Minis to Go

Mini sizes make possible for the guests to be easy gift ables and stocking stuffers for everyone on their list, including themselves!

Use mini holiday POP banners and create some display in a visible area—line it up, fill acrylic cylinders or display them in containers that are suitable for the aesthetics of your salon.

Look for your hot spots

Hot spots are considered to be the key points at your salon—share the bestselling promotions to this highly prized commercial real estate.

Form some groups of the gifts in an eye-catching display adjacent to your Reservation Desk or Take Home℠ area.

Then place the gift sets on the shelf at eye level—eye level is buyer’s level, and it will remind your clientele that your salon is a great place to collect some of the limited edition gift sets.

Take care of the inner atmosphere in your salon

The inner atmosphere will make possible to specificate your salon and to make your guests come back sooner or later.

Pay attention to the lighting and music suitable for the visitors to your salon.

Think about your service list and other offers that can attract more clients to your salon during this busy holiday period.

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