Check out some of the tips and learn how to wash your curls in a proper manner after the progressive brush!

Check out some of the tips and learn how to wash your curls properly after the keratin treatment! Girls and women who have recently invested their costs in making a smoothing treatment should stop washing their hair daily. Those, who have used to do so can get the elimination of the chemical elements in their threads and reduce the crafted smoothing effect.

Ideally, wash out your hair once in 2 days; however, the owners of the oiliest curls can add some of the washing days to maintain the smoothing effect. Smooth hair tends to be greasier than the usual one, so you’re better to choose the type of shampoo to preserve your threads smooth for a more extended period. First, you may start using the unsalted shampoo, which will gently hydrate the scalp without any damage to the smoothing effect.

When you wash your hair next time, maybe you will need to invest in products for chemically cared hair, as they will hydrate, strengthen and repair the roots of your hair at the very beginning of its growth. Also, dermatologists recommend to apply the salt-free shampoo only for scalp care and massage it with the fingertips only, not with the nails in any case. Such an approach will help to stimulate some growth. When the foam starts to come down along the hair length, it is time to rinse it correctly and use the conditioner starting from the middle till to the end.

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