Choose the products based on the color lever and the desired result. We use Blonde Bottox Expert because both it has anti-yellow effect

Step 1. Wash the hair with any Anti Residue Shampoo, pH 9 or more. We use Amazonliss Anti Residue Shampoo.

We will apply the products ONLY to the bleached part of the hair. We need 5 oz of the product

Step 2. Put the product on hands and apply only to the bleached parts. Massage with fingers. Use glows.

Step 3. Keep the product on hair for 30 minutes and gently massage the ends.

Step 4. Very important. Rinse the hair on 70% (in other words keep 30% of the product on) and blow-dry the hair 100%

Step 5. Section the hair into parts. Flat iron the hair ends about 5 to 8 times each strand. Temperature depends on the hair type and structure (350-410 degrees Fahrenheit).

Step 6 (optional). If the bleached ends left a lot of purple pigment wash off the ends with warm water without using shampoo then blow-dry again.

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