Hair becomes dry due to insufficient production of sebum when the scalp rapidly loses moisture. Therefore, the hair looks dull and becomes very brittle.

Of course, dry hair can be a genetic feature, but most often we are to blame ourselves for it. Try to ask yourself these 4 questions. We sure that after that you’ll find the reason why your hair is dry 

1. Is my immunity OK?

In this case, the hair treatment should begin from a doctor’s appointment. Results of your analysis will show the problem and the doctor will find a suitable and correct treatment.

2. Am I stressed out?

If you often worry, suffer from sleep disorders or depression, the problem of dry hair is simply unavoidable! Try to correct your sleep schedule and have more rest or visit a specialist that will choose a comprehensive treatment for you.

3. Do I keep a healthy diet?

Dry hair often signals that you should change your diet and use more vitamin-rich food. If you’re reading this article while eating a burger, you’d better stop right now.

4. What bad habits do I have?

Smoking, alcohol and even coffee negatively impact the health of the hair. Try to control these habits if you want your hair to look luxurious.

It doesn’t matter what is the reason for your dry hair. Botox Expert is a universal treatment for all hair types and any damages. In general, hair botox is a procedure that gives an instant effect. It has nothing to do with botox injections but is so-called because it gives a similar result for hair: it smoothes and thickens your hair, which makes it look shiny.

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