Nowadays practically all of us are so busy with our work and home duties that simply don’t have time to visit the salon for keratin straightening. Here is a tutorial on how you can easily do it at home. 

1. Wash your hair with stripping shampoo.  We recommend you to do this twice, in order to surely get rid of the residual elements of styling products and hair dye. 

2. Dry the hair with a hairdryer but leave it a little bit wet.

3. Gently comb the hair and divide it into the strands of approximately the same thickness. Fix each strand with a clip.

4. Apply keratin product to each strand. The main thing to remember here is that an insufficient amount of keratin will not be able to fully saturate the hair with nutrients, and its excess will make the hair too greasy and unkempt.  

5. Wait 20-30 minutes until the keratin mask is absorbed into the hair and re-dry it with a hairdryer, setting the lowest temperature.  

6. Straighten the thin strands of hair with a flat iron, setting the temperature to 230˚.  However, dyed blondes can heat the straightener up to 200˚, because bleached with peroxide hair can be easily damaged. Use the iron at least 5-7 times for each strand. 

7. Gently comb your hair.

Here it is, hope you enjoyed it!

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