The first gray hairs appear after a woman turns 30 years. It is this age that hairdressers conditionally call the "reference point." However, for some women, this period may come earlier, for others later, and genetics is most often “to blame” for this. If your mother’s hair began to turn gray after 20 years, most likely you will face the same. However, you should not be upset: in the age of cosmetic abundance, masking gray strands is not a problem.

In addition to genetics, habits and lifestyle play a significant role in early hair aging. Frequent stresses, lack of sleep, fast food eating and lack of nutrients (vitamins, healthy fats, antioxidants) in the diet, as well as serious illnesses, accelerate the aging of the body, and at the same time, aging of the hair.

Many women all around the world ask: what can I do to keep my hair looking young and healthy? We’ve got the answer!

We absolutely love the Botox Extreme Recovery! It’s called “extreme” because the result is just super fast and the overall effect is just amazing! 

How does the young hair look? It’s shiny, manageable and light. Hair Botox is designed to restore the nutrients lost by the hair while using hot temperatures, as well as due to other external influences and aging on the hair structure. Botox hair formula usually contains proteins, vitamins A, E, D, a complex of vitamins B. The hair looks shiny and soft after first use.

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