Summer is a season of hottest sun, sea salt, and endless vacations, of course! Have you prepared your hair for this season? We know that many women, being fans of keratin straightening, wonder what benefits does this procedure have in summer? We heard you, so keep on reading in order to find it out! 

If you have porous, dyed hair that is often tangled during brushing, seawater is more likely to worsen its condition and each brushing will be uncomfortable for you. If you have such hair, we recommend performing keratin straightening procedure before vacation in order to protect hair from the adverse effects of seawater, sun, and wind. Thus, after the vacation, the condition of the hair won’t worsen, and the duration of the hair reviving procedures will decrease.

If you have a nice hair quality, keratin straightening can be performed before the vacation in order to maintain the good condition of the hair and reduce the styling and hair care time during your trip.

If you had no opportunity to perform a keratin straightening procedure before vacation, you can do it when you return home. Keratin straightening perfectly nourishes and moisturizes hair that has lost its shine and smoothness. In combination with tanned skin, shiny hair will look good to the eye for a long time and remind you of a wonderful vacation!


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