Summer is one of the most stressful seasons for hair. The question of how to prepare hair for the summer is very acute for many girls. The sun always dehydrates the hair. Seawater and conditioners also worsen the hair condition. Without additional protection, the hair becomes dry and brittle. The key task for any girl in the summer is to preserve the hair health and protect it from undesirable consequences.


In summer, the hair usually dries and breaks under the hot sun, so when choosing a shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products, you need to pay attention to the components that maintain a normal level of hair moisture. Silk proteins, different oils rich in vitamins, aloe vera, and other plant components are the ingredients that will help you to keep your hair smooth and shiny all summer long.


We recommend you stop using styling products, as in summer the hair is already pretty vulnerable to breakage and dryness. If you can’t live without styling your hair, use innovative sprays and mousses with sun protection. Products with SPF protection are a must for your hair if you spend a long time out in the sun.


Don’t dye your hair right before the summer vacation, it is better to take care of this in advance (at least 2 weeks prior to the trip). Any hair dyeing, even using the softest hair dye, damages the hair. Combined with the hot sun it is double stress for your hair. After swimming in the sea, immediately rinse your hair, don’t let the sea salt dry the scalp and the hair. Besides, cut the split hair ends before the trip.


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