Every year lots of women across the globe perform keratin hair straightening. We got used to such a procedure so much that completely forgot about its ancestors if we can call Japanese hair straightening like this. However, some haircare fans still think what is better: the procedure that was popular 15 years ago, which is Japanese hair straightening, or the new one, which is keratin hair straightening? Let’s find it out!


Japanese hair straightening was very popular in 1990-2000 in the USA, particularly in New York. It was the first permanent hair straightening procedure that ensured permanent hair smoothness, well, at least until grow outs start to show. Japanese hair straightening resembles keratin hair straightening to some extent, however, it has several significant disadvantages in comparison with keratin straightening:


- Japanese hair straightening can’t be applied to weak or thin hair, because the chemicals and heat used in this procedure are too harsh for such type of hair. Keratin straightening doesn’t have such a restriction, as you may choose the suitable flat-iron temperature. 


- Japanese hair straightening is a time - consuming procedure. In the case of long and thick hair, it may take 8 hours in order to finish the procedure! Keratin straightening is performed at least 3 times faster! 


- The chemicals of the Japanese straightening composition open and break hair cuticles. It damages hair. 


In fact, keratin hair straightening is a much safer procedure.


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