Brand Nutree prepared new amazing home care products - Blonde Secret Violet Shampoo, Magicliss Spray and Conditioner.

Try thinking of the unique color wheel you’ve been told about at the art lessons? This rule is applied in this case just as the fact that you could counteract redness in the tones of your skin using a professional green color corrector. You probably wish to learn the reason. These colors are entirely opposite on the wheel. Purple and yellow are among other opposite wheel colors. It means that a professional violet shampoo will perfectly combine with numerous almond tones. Applying this shampoo will result in the dyed blonde of bleached hair shine.

Violet shampoo deposits magnificent violet pigments into your hair when applied during the washing process. This shampoo also negates brassiness and brightens silver tones into the hair. Professionals often fail to differentiate violet shampoos from silver ones. This is because violet and silver colors have many common features. In practice, the majority of shampoos dye your hair purple though being ‘silver’ according to the labels. Which characteristics of violet or silver shampoos are the most significant? Using a violet shampoo a few times every week makes it possible to maintain the silver color. As a result, one bottle of a violet shampoo can be used for a long period of time until visiting a hairstylist with the purpose of coloring your hair up. Beware, never use the shampoo for an extremely large period of time. Otherwise, your hair will turn a little bit violet. In some way, this is amazing. The crop creams have been pulled together in our formula to work out the best ‘silver’ shampoo possible. There is always something suitable for everybody. the shampoo is an ideal variant for dry hair as well as for those who need more girt to make hair stylish and fashionable. In addition, specific natural options have been included in the shampoo, so this is the best variant providing your hair scalp is too sensitive.

Your hair can look worse within two weeks after visiting a salon. However, using a qualitative violet shampoo will assist in keeping color fresh in practically any white blonde hair. The new Blonde Secret Violet shampoo will help toning fadedness and brassy shades down. Therefore, the blond hair will be restored to glory.

Also we are waiting for other new products - spray and conditioner. More information will be in the near future.

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