Botox hair treatment belongs to the category of those that give an instant effect. It has nothing to do with injectable botox, and is called so because it gives a similar result, but for hair. It smoothes hair and makes it look shiny.

The procedure consists of several stages: the hair is washed and dried a little bit. Then the serum is applied. Its main component is the organic-mineral substance, which has the ability to penetrate the cortex (body of the hair), filling the hollow gaps there.

Botox helps to cope with such problems as split hair ends, dry, dull, brittle hair.

There is a special bonus for blondes - Botox neutralizes yellowness well. In addition, this procedure is recommended for the treatment of poor hair growth and hair loss, as the composition includes a large number of nutrients and provitamins.

The whole point of the procedure is revealed at the very end because the final result is literally “sealed” with lotion with keratin, amino acids, and vitamins - sometimes with the ironing, which depends on the manufacturer of the product.

In general, Botox can be called an excellent option for “one-time” care before an important event. Botox should not be done more than once every three months. If the recommendation is not followed, the hair becomes dry and dull, so be careful about it.

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