Our Brazilian Hair Bottox Expert Thermal Mask is just a unique thing for restoring your hair! Let’s start with the word “thermal”. Do you know any mask with such an effect? We bet you hardly do.

The composition is amazing as well. Featuring a unique formula that includes Marine Collagen and Glutamic Acid with the power of Almond Oil, Bottox Expert was especially designed for repairing damaged hair that is prone to daily environmental aggression. Bottox Expert provides deep hydration and nourishment of the hair, smoothes it and gives the hair a unique shine. Besides, it provides a long-lasting hair straightening effect. One more important thing - it’s absolutely formaldehyde-free! All these effects in just one hair care product, can you imagine this?

Advantages of Bottox Expert Mask

 -Recovers damaged hair!
 -Moisturizes and nourishes!
 -Thermal hair protection!

Key peculiarity and advantage of the series - in an exclusive composition with a predominance of natural components.

Marine collagen is a supplier of natural proteins for strengthening and resuscitation of even severely damaged hair structures.

Glutamic acid is great for smoothing and moisturizing.

Almond oil saturates hair with vitamin E and antioxidants, smoothes, softens, and gives a healthy shine to dry and dull hair.

The mask is suitable for every type of hair.

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