Nutree Thermo Multi - Control Mask is a real miracle suitable for home use! The mask provides professional restoration and hair straightening. A full procedure in only one product - isn’t it magic after all?

Featuring a unique formula that includes Marine Collagen and Glutamic Acid with the power of Almond Oil, Thermo Multi - Control Mask has been created especially for blonde hair. It restores damaged hair, provides deep hydration and hair nourishment while contributing to smoothing and giving hair a unique platinum shade. Blondes, did you hear that? No more yellowness and brassy shades!

 Benefits of Thermo Multi - Control Mask

  - Restores and smoothes damaged blonde hair!

  - Eliminates yellow and brassy colors and gives hair a unique platinum shade!

  - Provides deep hydration and nutrition of the hair!

  - Makes hair smooth, strong and healthy for up to 2 months!

 Main components

  - Marine collagen, the fibers of which help strengthen the hair and restore it after heat damages.

  - Glutamic acid, which creates an invisible film around each thin hair. Such a film provides the ultimate smoothness and shine.

  - Almond oil. It’s rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that nourishes your hair.

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