There are three problems that blondes (especially dyed ones) usually face: pigment washing off, dry hair and loss of shine. Therefore, hair care products for blondes should help them to keep beautiful hair color (for example, eliminate the yellow shade), protect the pigment from external factors (tap water, UV rays, etc.), moisturize and nourish the hair.


In this article, we will tell you what shampoos are perfect for blondes, what substances aren’t useful, and what shampoos should be purchased for your perfect blonde hair.

Nourishing shampoos are a must for blondes. Due to hair dye, your blonde hair becomes more brittle, loses the protecting ceramides, which can lead to split hair ends.

The best shampoo for your blonde hair

If you want to keep your blonde hair beautiful as long as possible, choose sulfate-free shampoos. However, always take into account the water with which you wash your hair:

  • water chlorine can oxidize artificial pigment and contribute to a more aggressive effect of ultraviolet radiation on the hair structure;
  • copper can wash away artificial pigment;
  • calcium makes hair dry and brittle.
In addition to daily hair shampoo, blondes should regularly use purple shampoo. Such shampoo eliminates yellow and brassy shades. Purple color is the exact opposite of yellow, so when you apply such a purple shampoo to your hair, it washes off the unwanted shades of yellow, red, orange and makes your hair platinum.

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