We can’t deny that nowadays there are many haircare treatment that provide quite nice restorative effect, however, ladies still want to see their comparison in order to make the right decision. In this article, we decided to compare Brazilian Blowout and Nutree Amazonliss keratin treatment. Check out this article, if you want to find our more about these procedures!

Let’s start from Brazilian Blowout. This treatment claims to make your hair straight, shiny, and obedient by creating a protective protein layer around each thin hair. Besides, Brazilian Blowout is customizable: you can either keep and define your curls or make them super smooth and straight. The product contains amino acids and açaí extract.

There’s no waiting period as well: you can exercise, pin your hair and even wash it right after the treatment. Blow-drying time is reduced after the treatment as well. There are also different types of Brazilian Blowout: ORIGINAL, EXPRESS, and REWIND. The effect lasts up to 12 weeks, the approximate duration of the procedure is 80 minutes. 

Now let’s move on to Nutree Amazonliss keratin treatment. This treatment is suitable for all hair types. It penetrates deep into each thin hair, rebuilding its structure. Damaged hair will be restored, disciplined and hydrated. Of course, Amazonliss provides anti-frizz effect and reduces blow drying time as well! There are lots of natural components in Amazonliss’ composition: among them are açaí, cocoa, rice, wheat, soya, corn… Besides, there are also different types of Amazonliss: Gel, Tanino, Unique Step, Vegan Care, so everyone can find a product for them. The treatment provides 14-week smoothing effect, the approximate duration of the procedure is between 2-4 hours. 

That’s it! Hope, we managed to show you what stands behind each procedure, so you can make the right decision. 

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