Moroccan keratin hair treatment is quite popular nowadays, however, ladies love comparing different hair treatments in order to see which one will be perfect for their hair. So today we’ll be comparing two haircare procedures which are Moroccan Keratin and Amazonliss. Are you excited? Don’t miss this article!

Let’s start from Moroccan Keratin. This treatment will straighten, smooth, repair, and strengthen your hair from inside out, bringing back its natural elasticity and shine. As a result, you’ll get frizz-free and obedient hair. There are different formulas, for example, FORTE (that can straighten even 4C hair), ORIGINAL, and EXPRESS BOOSTER. This treatment has Moroccan Argan oil, Shea butter and some other natural oils in its composition. Besides, Moroccan keratin acts as a thermal protector. The effect lasts up to 3 months. The application process may take 90-150 minutes — everything depends on your skills and hair type. 

Now let’s move on to Nutree Amazonliss.

Amazonliss is one of the best haircare botox products on the market. Featuring a unique formula that includes Marine Collagen, Glutamic Acid, and Almond Oil, Amazonliss will provide deep hydration and make your locks nourished. This treatment literally fills hair with vital energy, providing anti-frizz and color protection effects. The process will take you 30-40 minutes without application and drying. 

That’s it! Hope we managed to help you make the right decision. Stay beautiful with Nutree! 

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