Keratin straightening is based on fixing special protein in your hair. The hair absorbs keratin which makes its structure softer and healthier by eliminating all creases and curls. The main idea of keratin straightening is to make hair flakes close. Sulfate containing shampoos desiccate the hair, open the flakes and wash out keratin. As a result, the curative effect is no longer valid.

It is recommended to use shampoos without sulfate every day and after hair straightening procedures to preserve the structure of your hair and not let it lose keratin.

You have to know which components are surface active agents (SAA) with low sulfate content or natural, to choose the right shampoo. The price for such shampoos depends on the approach chosen by its manufacturers.

Sodium lauryl sulfate and laureth sulfate are aggressive SAA that are harmful to the scalp, because they wash keratin out of the structure of your hair, desiccate the skin and may lead to inflammations.

Sulfosuccinate, sarcosinate, acyl glutamate, lauryl glucoside, and coco glucoside are more gentle substances that are preferable when choosing a shampoo after keratin hair straightening.

By using this list you can choose shampoos that will not harm your health and will preserve the balance of trace elements after keratin straightening. In this way, the effect of the procedure will last longer.

Amazonliss shampoo from the Home Care line does not contain aggressive SAA and parabens, so it is perfect for hair care after keratin straightening.

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