Today we will discuss homemade keratin hair straightening, which is also called Brazilian straightening. Until now women have wanted to have curly hair but today straight hair is a major fashion trend.

There are lots of ways to straighten your hair. You can do it by using hair straighteners, hair dryers, or hair straightening tongs. These methods are harmful to your hair because they make it dry. There is also a way of constant hair straightening. It helps to get rid of curls, but it is an equivalent of chemical perms even considering the fact that some nutrients are used during it. And so, it is very harmful to your hair.

According to the customers’ opinions, keratin hair straightening is very effective. Before now, this procedure was available only to clients of special beauty salons, but today shops offer lots of means for homemade keratin hair straightening.

Keratin hair recovery means contain protein and all the necessary nutrients. All agents are high quality and are not harmful to your hair and health.

You will see the result immediately after the Brazilian hair straightening procedure. Your hair will remain straight from 3 months to half a year. You can see this effect in the photo. This is what the hair before and after keratin straightening looks like. The keratin straightening is useful for people with fuzzy, dry hair, and for those who have restrictions for chemical perms. The price for this procedure in a beauty salon is not low. But you can perform it at home after buying special solutions.

The advantages and disadvantages of keratin hair straightening

Like any other procedure, keratin hair straightening has both pros and cons.


The procedure improves the condition of your hair and does not contain harmful chemicals.

It preserves the color of your hair after coloring for a longer time.

It moisturizes your hair, eliminates split ends, and makes the styling procedure easy.

It has almost no contraindications (except during pregnancy and lactation).

It does not make your hair heavy or sticky and retain hairstyler style and color.

The hair remains “breathable”.

The procedure does not impact your lifestyle and is not harmful to your health.

Unlike after chemical straightening, you can curl your hair after it.

Repeated procedures improve the effect.


High price. Especially in a beauty salon. The average cost will be between $120 and $600 depending on how fancy a salon and where you’re located.

The procedure is considered curative, because it strengthens and heals the hair. Smoothness and straightening are its additional effects for a long time.

You can perform the procedure of keratin hair straightening at home after viewing our kit.

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