We are all looking for ways to beat frizz and to achieve silky smooth hair on an everyday basis without the effort. With plenty of salon services to choose from, there’s one treatment that's been known to eliminate frizz for longer-lasting results. If you’ve heard of keratin hair treatments but it sounds a little intimidating, it’s typically referring to a straightening procedure without using chemical agents for those with naturally curly or unruly hair. The treatment has been widely popular amongst salon services for its smoothing results and its ability to reverse any damage to your hair. Find out what's the hype surrounding this miraculous treatment and which treatment is safe for your own hair.

The Beauty of Keratin

For starters, your hair type needs to be evaluated before using the right keratin formula and concentration that will deliver the best results. Those with coarse and curly hair types can benefit from the treatment instead of just using products infused with keratin. Fine and thinning hair should avoid the treatment altogether since your hair shaft is already smooth and can be prone to sensitivity to chemicals. So if you’re wondering what does a keratin treatment actually do, it rebuilds the damaged parts of your hair. The treatment fills in any pores of your hair strand which causes frizz, dryness, breakage and tangles. Since our hair is made up of keratin, using the treatment will lock protein back into each strand.

Meet Your Hair Goals

With so many hair trends coming and going in the beauty world, there’s no doubt we put our hair through a lot. From chemical relaxers to flat ironing, if you're finding your hair difficult to comb with unruly tangles you can benefit from a keratin treatment for smoothing results. The treatment aims to replenish keratin that gets lost through harsh weather conditions and chemical hair products. The formaldehyde-free formula used in Amazonliss Brazilian keratin treatment contains 5 rich oils to nourish and hydrate from root to tip. Using natural organic sources will increase shine, less frizz, and easier styling. You don't have to worry about flat ironing your hair every day since the treatment lasts for up to 8-12 weeks.

What's the Controversy?

There is nothing about keratin that can be labeled as hazardous for your health since it’s a naturally occurring protein. Keratin is found in your hair, teeth, skin and even nails. With the most effective keratin protein found from sheep's wool in its most natural form. Which leads to the additional ingredients that are added into keratin hair treatments that have been linked to controversy. The leading disadvantage to the keratin hair treatment is formaldehyde that is included in the straightening process. The procedure infuses and coats each strand with protein for a smooth and sleek finish after which a hot straightener or blow dryer is used to seal in the treatment. The heat combined with Formaldehyde is the leading cause of controversy since the two can cause an adverse health reaction. Any formaldehyde-free formula such as Nutree will bring the same lustrous results without the carcinogen.

Infused with 0% Formaldehyde, Nutree offers natural Keratin treatments to revitalize and protect hair from further damage. With our innovative range of keratin Brazilian hair treatments, you'll achieve hair goals that you've always wanted that looks amazing day after day.

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