Nutree is glad to introduce you several new products, each of which has its unique properties! What are they and which product is suitable for you? Check out the article and get acquainted with the Nutree new stuff! 

The first product is Brazilian Omnia Tanino Plastic Hair Straightener Treatment. It’s a 100% formaldehyde-free botox, which means that it’s not allergic and won’t cause irritation or watery eyes while using. The effect of this treatment lasts up to 3 months.

This product is a combination of keratin and 24 amino acids. Together these ingredients make up smoothing and straightening taninoplasty. It treats all types of hair with maximum care. Don’t worry: you won’t inhale any poisonous fumes during the procedure anymore.

The second product is Amazonliss Vegan Care. Many of our clients asked us to create a cruelty-free vegan product line, so here it is! It includes Purifying Shampoo, Reducer Fluid, and Reconstructive Mask.

Buying these products you can be sure that none of them was tested on animals. These product line doesn’t contain any formaldehyde or substances of animal origin. All products were created using GO GREEN technology, which means that all of them respectively treat both nature and the human. 

Nowadays each of us is subjected to stress and impacts of bad ecology. These factors can lead to hair loss. In order for you to cope with this problem, Nutree introduces Nutree Amazonliss Growth Hairloss Control. Its composition includes Biotin, which both cares for your hair scalp and prevents hair loss. Bio Vegetal Complex regulates the sebaceous gland function and activates cellular metabolism, which contributes to hair growth. 

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