Each of us uses Instagram in order to get some inspiration. This is especially important for people working in the beauty and hair industry since they can follow their colleagues, share works, and support each other. In this article, we have picked some of the most creative hairstylists working with colorful hair dyeings. Follow them and get inspired!
Follow this gorgeous woman for some rainbow-colored, deep purple, turquoise, red hair dyeings. She’s a real pro in colors unnaturally brighter than we ever thought possible!
This woman does some gorgeous hair dyeings with light gray, pink, and white hues that look very natural! Her hair makeovers are super soft yet feminine.
This Kansas hairstylist definitely knows how to play with different shades and colors, dyeing separate thin strands into different colors. The pictures of her gorgeous results should be hanging in the museum!
Caroline Guiney from Los Angeles knows a lot of hair dyeing techniques. She can either do a classic one-color, shatush, or balayage hair dyeing as well as fantasy marshmallow pink, lilac, and ocean blue dyeings!

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