Hair wash is the most essential hair care procedure that each person does several times a week. However, are you sure that you wash your hair in the right way? In this article, we will reveal all the tips on how to wash your hair, keep on reading!
The hair should be washed as the scalp becomes oily. As the studies carried out by trichologists and dermatologists in different countries claim, the scalp and hair suffer much more from impurities that piled up by hair roots and which are not timely washed off from the scalp. Sebum, dust, dirt create a breeding ground for the development of bacteria, preventing the scalp from breathing. Besides, hair roots don’t receive useful substances. All these factors disrupt the normal functioning of the scalp and slow down hair growth.
The frequency of hair washes should be selected individually, taking into account the hair type and water quality. If you have an oily hair type, then a break lasting 3-4 days will result in a great amount of hair sebum produced by sebaceous glands, which can lead to minor inflammation.
The amount of shampoo is fundamentally dependent on hair length. It’s not recommended to pour the shampoo directly onto the scalp. Before you start washing your hair, you need to thoroughly comb it. Do a slight massage just for a few minutes while washing your hair because it provides a beneficial effect for the hair roots.
Many women make a big mistake while washing their hair with too hot water, which leaches the hair and activates the sebaceous glands. The normal water temperature for hair wash is 40-50 degrees. It is the exact temperature regime that promotes good dissolution of sebum, easy removal of dirt, and improvement of blood circulation as well.

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