In order for the hair to always remain healthy and strong, it is necessary to provide it with good nutrition, a sufficient amount of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins.

Vitamins necessary for the hair:

Vitamins of group B. Promotes rapid hair growth, makes hair strong and thick, reduces fat, gives elasticity and shine (cereals, grains, nuts, eggs, brewer's yeast).

Vitamin E. It nourishes the hair follicles, heals the hair, protects it from ultraviolet rays, restores blood circulation to the scalp (nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables, eggs).

Vitamin A. Improves the structure of the hair, making it soft and silky. Especially useful for dry and split hair (liver, eggs, butter, cottage cheese. Good sources of carotene: carrots, sea buckthorn and apricots).

Vitamin C - activates blood circulation, accelerates hair growth, promotes the absorption of iron (citrus, Japanese quince, wild rose, sea buckthorn, currant, kiwi).

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