The Botox procedure for hair falls into the category of those that give an instant effect. It has nothing to do with injecting Botox, but is so called because it gives a similar result, however, for hair it smoothes and thickens, which makes it look shiny. Botox for hair is a procedure aimed at restoring and improving the strands with the help of a special cocktail of active ingredients that penetrates deep into each hair.

Components strengthen hair, provide their flexibility and elasticity, make the strands more lively, bulky, and shiny, as well as strong and elastic. The active ingredients penetrate inside and restore the molecular structure of the hair, filling the damage. Botox hair is recommended if the hair is brittle, bitten, and in need of restoration.

Also, the procedure is ideal for dry, dull, and unruly hair that is not amenable to styling and pushing. After the procedure, the strands not only become healthier from the inside, but also much more beautiful externally--they acquire shine, become smooth, and all visible injuries fade after the first procedure.

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