Straight hair with a mirror shine - the dream of all owners of unruly hair. Small curls, tight curls, furrowing curls, invariably subjected to straightening. Regular "torture" affects the health and appearance of hair. To minimize risks, it is necessary to choose the right way of exposure.

It is important not only to choose the right one but also to master the best techniques. Even keratin hair straightening at home is a doable task.

Regularly visit the salon for high-quality hair straightening, but many do not allow the possibility. At the same time, everyone wants to keep an attractive look.

If there is a need for straightening for a long time, then you need to thoroughly assess your capabilities: will it be possible to carry out the procedure without special knowledge or outside help. Before you begin to practice, it is recommended to carefully consider the study of the theory. Be sure to carefully read the instructions for the selected keratin set.

If you properly use keratin at home, you can get the same results as in the salons.

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