Have you noticed that your hair has become thinner, more fragile, and has lost its natural shine? It's time to think about effective recovery procedures. An excellent option would be such a salon procedure as Botox for hair. As a result, it will be possible not only to give a perfect look to your hair, but also to give “new life” to your hair.

When is the procedure recommended?
Botox for hair for:
after chemical effects on hair:
regular use of thermal devices for hair styling;
the harmful effects of the environment (sudden changes in temperature, hot sun, frost, etc.);
deterioration of the hair as a result of the use of inappropriate cosmetics.

Botox for hair. What results to expect?
damaged hair is restored and gets a lively look;
the problem of splitting ends and the electrification of the hair, which is particularly relevant during the use of head burs, is solved;
new hair growth is stimulated;
curls become more elastic, voluminous and shiny;
hair is easier to style;
retains the shape of the hair longer.

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