Keratin recovery and botox have long been competitors. Each beauty procedure has its pros and cons.

Keratin Features:

cumulative effect;
results last for up to 4 months;
volume reduction;
total smoothing of curls;
giving a beautiful glossy look.

If you want to drastically straighten thick curls, remove fluffiness, then keratin is the best option.

Botox stands out with the following points:

volume is maintained;
cumulative effect;
hair thickening;
deep recovery;
preservation of effect up to 2 months;
grooming and shine.

Botox heals hair, removes porosity, perfectly copes with the problem of split ends, smooths, removes electrification.

In the question of what is better, you should focus on individual needs, what effect and for how long it is desired to achieve. Both means guarantee the desired result.

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