Many experts advise against applying keratin cosmetics if you happen to find out that they include formaldehyde. The presence of this particular chemical compound could trigger some unpleasant skin irritations and even infections. Ambika Pillai, who’s the part of this group of experts, encourages the hair specialists and the customers of salons to pay specific attention to the content of products they are applying, even if the label says that they don’t contain formaldehyde.

“One has to be especially cautious when deciding whether or not to use the keratin-containing cosmetics because the keratin itself is not the universal remedy. Certainly, it is capable of decreasing the volume of the hair as well as the overall curliness and frizziness, but it is definitely not the answer to all hair-related issues”, says Rod Anker. It basically serves as a substitute for the natural elasticity band found within the inner composition of the hair. If not applied and handled correctly, this element will inevitably get washed out thus leaving the hair in the initial state. 

We recommend using only formaldehyde-free keratin like Amazonliss.

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